NO CONTEST BOXING (NCB) was formally established in 2007, with the main aim to manufacture and supply top quality equipment to the Muay Thai and Boxing industries.

We are an international brand, with main headquarters in both Brisbane and Bangkok.
With our extensive knowledge of the boxing and Muay Thai industries, our experience is passed on through our range of equipment, ensuring our customers are using the gear preferred by professionals.


The design, shape and feel of all our products are the result of constant feedback from champion fighters all over the world.


Our Premium range of equipment is manufactured in our Bangkok based production facility, all of the NO CONTEST range undergoes stringent quality testing before and after production. NO CONTEST is the trusted and recommended brand of top fighters and trainers.

With initiatives such as our TEST PILOT program, NO CONTEST will continue to develop the future of the sport through the sponsorship of current and future champions. We have sponsored many events around the globe, including our own series of premium promotions.
The No Contest range is available throughout the world via this web site or through our distributors.

Please enjoy our equipment, and thank you for supporting our sport.